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The Friday Street Club

April 13, 2020

This open plan office in an historical building in Cape Town is the home of a thriving media and PR agency. Flourish met the challenges of this low light space with careful plant curation and a controlled maintenance plan.

Pressure Cooker Studios

April 13, 2020

This prolific sound studio asked Flourish to bring life into their new studio and offices on Cape Town’s foreshore. The space had several distinct zones and some challenging extremes from areas with no natural light to north facing rooms with blazing sunlight. We brought an abundance of greenery into...


April 13, 2020

a hanging garden inside the home of Food Jams by Jade de Waal. More than a year later this trailing indoor jungle is a haven of green in a large industrial space.

Old Friends Young Talent

April 13, 2020

We collaborated with interior designer Tracy Lynch to turn an ordinary open plan office into a vibrant, contemporary and inspiring space for ad agency OFYT. The installation made use of vertical shelving to create green walls as well as using planters to define areas as room dividers and natural...

Stock Exchange Hotel

April 9, 2020

Interior designer Tracy Lynch invited us to collaborate on the reception and common area of the bold, contemporary and locally (Woodstock) inspired interior of new hotel, Stock Exchange (Wex1). Graphic plant boxes by Abode (made up of green metal mesh and timber) were planted up with mixed foliage arrangements...

En Masse Tea

April 9, 2020

We collaborated with En Masse to design a unique green oasis in the Gardens Shopping Centre, which serves as a pop-up tea shop and restaurant. As the only green presence in the centre, it has met with enthusiasm from shoppers, bringing in a breath of fresh air!